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EASTON ” Young dancers from Brockton and other communities south of Boston are taking their antibullying message on the road.  Their show, “Accept Me,’’ will make a stop at Oliver Ames High School in Easton for an evening performance on Tuesday. more
AT&T and Dancing With The Stars have partnered to bring you inspiring stories of people whose lives have been changed by dance.
"Local talent tapped for dance of a lifetime"
Four teenage boys - three from Brockton and one from Canton - are getting ready to experience something most dancers only dream about: national television exposure on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars. more
"Bullying drama on Easton stage"
"Brockton area dancers who bully and were bullied learn through emotional new performance"
BROCKTON  "Growing up as a male dancer in Randolph, Rennie Gold took a lot of bullying, even being whacked across the head with a 2x4 wooden plank while trying to leave his junior high school one afternoon, he said." more
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"For its third and final AT&T Spotlight Performance of the season Dancing with the Stars has chosen to highlight 4 boys hailing from The Gold School in Brockton, Massachusetts. Kyle Scanlan, David Guzman, Jacob Guzman and Matt Gilmore. All these teen dancers participate in the school's Project Moves "accept ME, for who I am" campaign.

The dancers' goal is to bring awareness to the bullying epidemic that plagues so many schools across the country. Growing up as male dancers the boys have been the target of bullying themselves. Each with their own unique story, the boys have learned to triumph over adversity by relying on each other and their common love of dance. The Gold School serves as a safe haven and a place for the boys to be themselves while living without the fear of being harassed.

The Gold School has produced amazing male dancers, including Kenny Wormald. Kenny serves as a role model to the boys, sharing his own experiences of bullying, but also demonstrating the success that is possible for a male dancer. 

Kyle, David, Jacob and Matt are assets to their community, incredible dancers and living proof that there is nothing wrong with following your dream no matter what others may think."  -ABC Television
"Their steps to acceptance, teen dancers have been on both sides of bullying problem"
BRIDGEWATER The sweeping beauty of modern dance might have turned Ericka Consolmagno around if the hardships of life had not done so first. more
"Thank you so much for that amazing evening of dance, and education that only comes from movement and not talking, and experience is worth many words, and you used the least amount of words to say the most, but your dancers are the inspiration for all of us, thanks again." ~Adrienne Hawkins

"That was amazing. We were all truly moved and will be better people because of everyone involved with "accept me..." ~Terry Simpson

"Attended the show last night..riveting, awesome, polished, powerful, moving, I could go on and on, simply beautiful." ~Kevin Epling

"My kids haven't stopped talking about it." ~Donna Vigoda Giberti

"Tears, Laughs, Sadness, Joy, Wonder, Amazement, Happiness. ~Nancy MacTaggart Mileikis

What people are saying
"Anti-bullying show makes Gold School kids feel like they can change the world' 
Growing up in a dance family, Rennie Gold, owner/director of The Gold School in Brockton, Massachusetts, always felt comfortable in the studio. It was getting there that was the problem. more
"Celebrating violence prevention at BHS"

Mahatma Gandhi spoke about the need for people to be the change they wish to see in the world.  more
"Stoughton native and "Footloose" star Kenny Wormald to perform with Brockton dance group"
Kenny Wormald has toured the country as a backup dancer for Justin Timberlake and starred in the 2011 Footloose remake. But the Stoughton native still finds time to come home. more
"When we were contacted by Project Moves to assist with a new production about bullying and acceptance, never did we realize what a profound impact they would have on our family and our own personal journey. Incredibly impact-full performances, full of power, hope and heart." -Kevin Epling Co-Director of Bully Police USA, Child Safety Advocate
Gold said the new Project Moves production follows up on 2011’s “Accept Me” by focusing on the inner journey to self-respect, a journey teens make amid social and academic pressures that can lead to depression and suicide  MORE
Project Moves Dance Company to announced annual spring performance 
Anti-bullying Dance Company to premiere new show
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Company dancers like Noah Parets, age 13, experienced bullying first-hand because they were male dancers. His work with Project Moves Dance Company provided Noah the courage to join “Billy Elliot – the Broadway Tour,” as a professional artist, and was named the Junior Male Dancer of the Year in 2011 by the American Dance Awards. MORE
 Project Moves Dance Company, Inc. | 1154 North Montello St., Brockton, MA 02301 | 508.586.4653